Zenabel (1969) - Movie [RARE] MP3/Flac

Zenabel  (1969) - Movie [RARE]


Production co: Gemini Pictures International, Industrie Cinematografiche Artistiche Romane (I.C.A.R.), Pierson Productions

►99 min (Italy) □ 12 December 1969 (Italy)

Library synopsis: [En] Zenabel, a rousing, Rabelaisian comedy laid in 16th century Tuscany, also starring Lucretia Love, commenced production at a beautiful waterfall near Monte Celato, 30 miles from Rome. First day’s shooting was the opening scene at the movie, which has blonde Lucretia, as Zenabel, a high-spirited filly with strong ideas about the equality of man and woman, disporting with some of her girl friends in a crystal-clear pond beneath a shimmering waterfall. In the background is a picturesque old mill, which the Etruscan used as a watch tower and which was converted into its present structure by the Prince del Drago. Director is Ruggero Deodato, one of Italy’s fastest-rising moviemakers, who also directed the husband and wife team of Love and Mauro Parenti, in Fenomenal e il tesoro di Tutankamen (1968). The story deals with a beautiful and strong willed girl who discovers that she is the rightful heir to a Tuscan dukedom which has been expopriated by Spanish invaders under the sadistic Baron Don Alonso Imolne, played by John Ireland. Leading a ragtag army of women and two men, the latter hilariously portrayed by Lionel Stander and Luigi Leoni, she embarks on a crusade to do the Baron in the Zenabel’s “emancipated woman” beliefs. After lots of twists and turns, battles and frolics, some in which she pits herself against Gennaro, others in which she joins forces with him and his band, Zenabel foils the Baron and all ends well. Written by Peter Noble

Director: Ruggero Deodato

Cult stars: Lucretia Love, John Ireland, Lionel Stander, Elisa Mainardi, Mauro Parenti

Cult relevance index: ₪ 7.0/ 10