Deepak Chopra - The Soul Of Healing Meditations (2001) MP3/Flac

Deepak Chopra - The Soul Of Healing Meditations (2001)

Artist: Deepak Chopra
Title Of Album: The Soul Of Healing Meditations
Year Of Release: November 20, 2001
Label: Rasa Music
Genre: New Age, Meditation
Quality: mp3 | Stereo
Bitrate: 320 kbps | 44.1 Khz
Total Time: 00:45:45
Total Size: 116.02 mb

01. Breathing Meditation
02. Heart Meditation
03. Body Awareness
04. Heart Sutra Meditation
05. Envoking the Gods of Healing
06. Inviting the Spirit of Healing
07. Banishing Disease
08. Ode of Solomon

Deepak Chopra teams with Australian new age musician Adam Plack on The Soul of Healing Meditations: A Simple Approach to Getting Younger, which features eight guided meditations set to gentle, world music-inspired instrumentals. The appropriately airy synth washes of "Breathing Meditation" lead into the rhythmic, tabla-driven "Heart Meditation" and soothing atmospheres of "Body Awareness." Chopra alternates quieter breathing meditations with more mentally challenging, biorhythmic exercises for a completely relaxing and refreshing experience. "Envoking the Gods of Healing" and "Inviting the Spirit of Healing" feature particularly lovely, Indian-influenced instrumentals with hypnotic tablas and flutes; the album becomes increasingly world music-based until it culminates with "Ode of Solomon," which provides a sensual, reflective finale. With its extensive liner notes, which outline Chopra's philosophies about the gods and goddesses of healing, The Soul of Healing Meditation is a good way for meditation novices to explore this relaxing art.