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Shelagh McDonald (born 1948) is a Scottish folk singer, song-writer and guitarist who released two albums before her abrupt and mysterious disappearance in 1971. On her albums, she was backed up by many notables within the English folk-rock scene, including Richard Thompson, Dave Mattacks, Danny Thompson, Keith Christmas, the Fotheringay rhythm section, as well as Ian Whiteman, Roger Powell and Michael Evans, then members of Mighty Baby.

In November 2005, after stories circulated worldwide about her disappearance and interest in her music increased, McDonald turned up in the offices of the Scottish Daily Mail and told them her story. She retreated from public life after a bad LSD trip left her paranoid and hallucinating, with a ruined voice. Living with her parents and working privately in Edinburgh, she met and married bookseller Gordon Farquhar; together, they lived a nomadic lifestyle in north Britain, living on welfare benefits and moving from house to house, and later tent to tent.

As of 2005, McDonald says her voice has improved and she is again interested in music, and the renewed interest in her work by the public surprised and gratified her. Since then, however, nothing more has been heard of her.

01. Mirage
02. Look Over the Hill and Faraway
03. Crusoe
04. Wating For the Wind to Rise
05. Ophelia's Song
06. Richmond Sign In to rate!
07. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
08. Peacock Lady
09. Silk and Leather
10. You Know You Can't Lose
11. Ophelia's Song

Bonus Tracks
12. Jesus Is Just Alright
13. Book Of Rhyme
14. What More Can I Say?
15. City's Cry [Version 1]
16. City's Cry [Version 2]
17. Rod's Song
18. Stargazer [False Start]
19. Stargazer

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