Second Hand - Reality (1st Album Psychedelic Rock UK 1968) MP3/Flac

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The first album by this confused bunch of excellent musicians still holds its ground after 27 years. Its unusual mixture of poetic psych with Hendrixy or Arthur Brownish heavy episodes and progressive (in 1968!) structures is inventive and only slightly flawed by not always strong vocals. Lovely arrangements and above average compositions make this recommended. Highlights: the opening cut A Fairy Tale (great mellotron) and the trippy title track. Don't let the cover art fool you: it's meant to look "second hand".

The second album from a thoroughly revised line-up, of which two versions exist (one with and one without the funeral march), is much more complicated and even closer to Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come. Fully developed progressive compositions and all kinds of keyboards dominate, often there are two or three different ones simultaneously, producing many very different textures. The rhythms are complex and unusual, enriched with odd time-signatures, at times drifting off towards inaccessibility, but always coming together. The atmosphere is sombre, yet not always completely serious (another Arthur Brown parallel). Not much easy listening here, nor are there any virtuoso passages. A very good record, though, definitely as recommended as the first one, albeit on different grounds.

You can also find The World Will End Yesterday on Rubble, Vol. 8 - All The Colours Of Darkness (LP), Rubble, Vol. 5 (CD) and The Best Of Rubble Collection Vol. 1 (CD).

01. A Fairy Taile
02. Rhubarb
03. Denis James The Clown
04. Steam Tugs
05. Good Old '59 (We Are Slowly Getting Older)
06. The World Will End Yesterday
07. Denis James (Ode to DJ)
08. Mainliner
09. Reality
10. The Bath Song

Bonus Tracks
11. A Fairy Tale [Alternative Mix] - 2.13
12. Steam Tugs [Alternative Mix] - 5.32
13. James in the Basement [Bonus] - 2.48
14. I Am Nearly There [Bonus] - 3.18