White Glove Test - LEAP (1989) MP3/Flac

Some bands opt not to make the same album twice, and others go so far as to not make the same song twice.  Though decidedly left-of-the-dial throughout, White Glove Test's LEAP vaguely falls into that latter category.  Post-punk experimentalists at heart, this San Marcos, CA quartet run the gamut from noir, indie guitar skirmishes to starkly more insular and intimate forays.  Despite this amount of breadth WGT have me at a near total loss for any easy or meaningful comparisons.  Even more challenging, LEAP isn't overtly catchy, but “Poignant” and "Bycycle" arouse just enough curiosity to make the occasionally spotty remainder more appealing to explore.  Side two is blemished with more than it's fair share of static and surface noise, so I may have another go of cleaning this wax again, or better yet, tracking down a smoother playing copy. 

01. LEAP
02. Between the Oars
03. The Worshipping Boys
04. Poigant
05. Lisa
06. Bycycle
07. Pandora's Song
08. All and Everything
09. Moment
10. Every Day