Teeny Records 7\" (1992, Teeny) MP3/Flac

While plundering a box of singles last week I happened upon this one, not recalling when I purchased it or how and where I claimed it, which believe it or not is a pretty rare circumstance for me.  Furthermore, upon examining the sleeve, I wasn't sure if Teeny Records was the name of the band, their record label, or both.  Turns out it was both, and a quick Google search generated a blurb regarding Teeny Records being an Almeda, CA duo comprised of Mario Hernandez and Jamie McCormick.  As for the music in question I was astonished with both songs - par excellence power pop, with a pronounced turn of the decade (late 70s/early 80s) panache.  Hernandez and McCormick had a keen ear for what was happening in their day and age as well, with the rollicking "Highschool" not being far removed from where Redd Kross were at, while the flip "Weekend Go" inadvertently forecasted the looming pop revival that would soon put labels like Not Lame and Big Deal on the map.  From what little I was able to learn about the duo, this was the only disk recorded under the Teeny Records banner, eventually morphing into Teeny Hi-Fi.  By the tail end of the '90s they would rechristen themselves as Ciao Bella, issuing an album on March Records, which from what I understand is quite commendable.  Hernandez has since kept busy with his twenty-first century endeavor From Bubblegum to Sky. Don't pass this beauty up!

A. Highschool
B. Weekend Go