Gotohells - Demolition (1995) MP3/Flac

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01 Sedan Deville
02 Beach Drive
03 Time To Go
04 Co-Dependent
05 I Heard
06 Dui Blues
07 Nothin Special
08 This Is Not A Ska Song
09 I Can Live
10 Outta 10
11 That Girl
12 Rock And Roll Star
13 The Real Sam

Formed sometime in the early '90s in St. Petersburg, the Gotohells had a redneck savvy from the get-go on their take on four-on-the-floor punk rock 'n' roll. We're talking cowboy hats and shit-kicking boots here. Blue jeans and cheap beer. On this debut album, Demolition, the Gotohells rip through roughly 26 minutes via 13 tracks of straight-up, guitar-driven rock with an excellent rhythm accompaniment...


Preview: Gotohells - Time To Go: