Human League - Reproduction (1979) MP3/Flac

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01 Almost Medieval
02 Circus Of Death
03 The Path Of Least Resistance
04 Blind Youth
05 The Word Before Last
06 Empire State Human
07 Morale... You've Lost That Loving Feeling
08 Medley - Austerity & Girl One
09 Zero As A Limit
10 Introducing
11 The Dignity Of Labour, Part 1 (Instrumental)
12 The Dignity Of Labour, Part 2 (Instrumental)
13 The Dignity Of Labour, Part 3 (Instrumental)
14 The Dignity Of Labour, Part 4 (Instrumental)
15 Flexi Disc
16 Being Boiled
17 Circus Of Death

Well, what can we say? This is it! This is the beginning of the modern synthpop. When this album came out in 1979. it was a real shock for the audience. Human League were the first to introduce a perfect mixture between electronic and pop, as Kraftwerk did a couple of years before...


Preview: Human League - Blind Youth: