Buck-O-Nine - Songs In The Key Of Bree (1994) MP3/Flac

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01 Barfly
02 More Than Your Eyes Can See
03 Poorboy
04 Few Too Many
05 Tool
06 Nite Lite
07 I Can't Belive
08 Irish Drinking Song
09 King Of The Box
10 She's Fat
11 Ah Yeah
12 Happy Stay
13 Voice In My Head
14 New Generation
15 I Don't Wanna Be No (J.B.J.)
16 Sappy Love Song
17 I Don't Seem To Care
18 True Or False
19 Voice In My Head '96

Songs in the Key of Bree is filled with jumpy and fast upstroke guitars, catchy horn lines, and fun, energetic vocals courtesy of singer Jon Pebsworth. All 19 tracks are fun to listen to and make up a perfect summer album to blast while driving down the freeway with your windows down...


Preview: Buck-O-Nine - Happy Stay: