Cars - Complete Greatest Hits (2002) MP3/Flac

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01 Just What I Needed
02 My Best Friend's Girl
03 Good Times Roll
04 You're All I've Got Tonight
05 Bye Bye Love
06 Moving In Stereo
07 Let's Go
08 It's All I Can Do
09 Dangerous Type
10 Touch And Go
11 Shake It Up
12 Since You're Gone
13 I'm Not The One
14 You Might Think
15 Drive
16 Magic
17 Hello Again
18 Why Can't I Have You
19 Tonight She Comes
20 You Are The Girl

If rock's most successful and memorable acts have usually succeeded by wrapping their own distillation of music history and personal tastes in whatever fashionable trappings are currently gripping the culture, it's hardly surprising that the Cars remain one of the most enduring symbols of the punk/new wave era. This 20-track anthology distills that argument perfectly...


Preview: Cars - You Might Think: