Much like Totalist composer Mikel Rouse's old early 80's group Tirez Tirez, this crucial and long-overlooked post punk outfit's music is marked by its naked veneration of Talking Heads, only the NY based Come On were seemingly building their sonic alter in real time. Not mere homage but rather an extension of the original impulse, their manifestation of it was not informed, as was Rouse's, by Talking Heads's sly sense of understatement but instead by their most terse and twitchy gambits, the neurosis factor sometimes being ramped up to the level of something like The Girls. Once someone's relieved Downtown Music Gallery of their last remaining copies of Come On's "New York 1976-1980" CD, I'll happily share that one too, but for now, take the time to truly savor the magnificent thing that's at hand here; this ancillary CDR EP with additional material (including 24-track pro recorded versions of tracks from that CD that might actually surpass those versions) having been available for order directly from the band circa the early 2000's and unseen since.

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