Naked Soul (w/ Carlos Soria) - demo (1990) MP3/Flac

I learned a couple of interesting tidbits when I was doing my homework on this long defunct Costa Mesa, CA conglomerate.  First, Naked Soul had close ties to another band from the same locale, none other than the best popcore quartet ever, Big Drill Car!  NS vox/guitarist Mike Conley served time in the Las Vegas hardcore hit machine known as M.I.A. in the mid-80s, a band that in their final lineup also included the future nucleus of BDC, Frank Daly and Mark Arnold.  I think I have my facts straight, but feel free to correct me.  Instead of going the diluted-punk route, Conley and Co. ditched M.I.A.'s blitzkrieg tempos and boilerplate h/c ethos entirely in favor of deftly crafted riff-pop, a la period Soul Asylum and the Doughboys.  Two Naked Soul releases would come down the pike in the early '90s - the Seed ep in 1992, and Visiting Your Planet a year thereafter, both on Scotti Bros.  They were destine to become bargain bin staples in the years to follow, but I digress.

I was pleased to come across an original NS demo last year, featuring the three songs listed below.  "Lonely Me, Lonely You" would be re-recorded for the aforementioned Seed.  As for my other kernel of enlightenment to share, Naked Soul's lineup included none other than Carlos Soria of The Nils - at least for the sessions on this tape.  I'm not sure how long Carlos' NS stint was, but evidently it was brief, as once he left the band had been reduced from a quartet to a trio, before they were signed.  And yes, he does seem to give these tracks a bit more of an edge than the Scotti Bros recordings, making this an extra special treat. 

01. Lonely Me, Lonely You
02. Yesterday Man
03. Raining Dreams