Deep 6 - Garage D\'or (1986, Coyote) MP3/Flac

There's not a plethora of info to be had on Deep 6, a New York City trio who had an album on Coyote Records the same year another trio, Athens, GA's Dreams So Real, released their first LP on the very same label.  Brothers John and Dan Braun had played in Live Skull and the Del-Byzantines prior to turning in this platter of gimmick-free modern rock that slots in comfortably with its era while not getting mired in '80s indulgences.  The post-punk sway of "Stay Right Here" and "Open Mind" vaguely recall the Lucy Show and Comsat Angels, and in the process turn out to be Garage D'ors most charismatic offerings.  The remainder is respectable, but not always moving left-of-the-dial fare.  Side one ends with an untitled track threading together lines from a bevy of recognizable classic rock tunes and oldies that would've probably been more useful as a b-side.  Go figure.

01. Sunny Day
02. The Lawn
03. Stay Right Here
04. Something/Nothing
05. I Protect Myself
06. untitled
07. Open Mind
08. Sarah T
09. TV Land
10. No Big Surprise
11. Beautiful Day