Straitjacket Fits - KPFK FM, L.A. 10/21/89 MP3/Flac

Before moving onto another band I thought I'd follow up my Straitjacket Fits re-upload post from two nights ago with something I haven't shared by my favorite Kiwi quartet, and it's a truly divine artifact at that.  In that most recent spiel I mentioned the band's first two albums, Hail and Melt.  This is a ten-song set cut for renown Los Angeles station KPFK bearing a late 1989 airing date, falling right smack in-between the release of the aforementioned LPs, and moreover what most would regard to be their halcyon era.  As if their studio recordings weren't sonically stirring enough, the Fits exude even bolder hues of texture, melody and flat out visceral persuasion in a live setting.  There's a real purity to this session that I can't put my itchy finger on, all the better to hear for yourself as opposed to me babbling on about it.  There's some slightly cheesy inter-song banter, but the band reveals that as of this date Hail technically wasn't available Stateside yet, but would be in the very near future.  As you might surmise, songs from that disk comprise most of the set, but we do get a few previews of 1991's Melt in the shape of "Headwind," "Hand in Mine," and "Follow & Fall," which was later rechristened "In Spite of it All."

01. Dialing A Prayer
02. Seeing You Fled
03. Bad Note For A Heart
04. Hand in Mine
05. Roller Ride
06. She Speeds
07. Follow & Fall
08. Headwind
09. Quiet Come
10. Hail