Neon Rock Garden (NRg) - \"Never Listen\" 7\" (1986, Critical Mass) MP3/Flac

Throughout the better part of the '80s it would seem that Mitch Easter's every waking hour (outside of pursuing his meal-ticket, Let's Active) was spent producing/recording other bands.  From an audiophile's perspective this was a wizardly, and ultimately thoughtful move on Mitch's part, lending his acumen to scores of records that bear his name in the credits, including this beaut.  Neon Rock Garden were a co-ed trio based in the small North Carolina town of Hickory.  As of this writing I have yet to hear anything outside of these two NRg tracks, which offer a none-too-subtle wink and a nod to that aforementioned "meal-ticket."  Nevertheless they put their own spin on the New South trend-Du-jour, especially on the fevered "Don't Say Baboon," gushing forth a flurry of delirious, jagged arpeggios, and a guitar tone that nearly mimics the trademark leads of U2's The Edge.  The stuff of Wilfully Obscure ideals for sure.  The equally winsome A-side, "Never Listen" charts a slightly more contemplative trajectory.  I'm thoroughly rejoicing over this 45.  With any luck, in the weeks and months to come, I may have more NRg to share (that's right, keep your fingers crossed and I'll do the same).

A. Never Listen
B. Don't Say Baboon