Piper Cub 7\" (1995, Sub Pop) MP3/Flac

By request.  Piper Cub were a short-lived D.C. indie rock 'supergroup' starring Jim Spellman from Velocity Girl, Andrew Webster of Tsunami, Steve Raskin from Edsel, and John Dugan courtesy of Chisel (Ted Leo's old gig).  Raskin is the primary vocalist on both of these songs.  Notwithstanding the considerable amount of talent brought to the table, neither of the tunes function in lockstep to the aesthetic of any of the aforementioned combos.  "Chance" and "Number One Sound" are rock solid on their own merits, playing like quintessential, mid-fi pop confections of their era.  Fans of Pavement, and for that matter Teen Beat and Slumberland Records enthusiasts would do quite well by this single. The sleeve for this wax is actually a lightweight, perforated card-stock sheet, with pieces that can be punched out to assemble, you guessed, a Piper Cub paper plane.  For the record, my copy is barely intact at this point.  A neat memento if you were able to snag a copy almost two decades ago. 

A. Chance
B. Number One Sound