Venus Beads - A Client ep & Shackled ep (1994, Equator) MP3/Flac

Unlike the Venus Bead's fairly well distributed long player, Incision, released in 1991, followed up quickly by the Black Aspirin ep, these two final eps for the Equator imprint never made it Stateside.  Rippling with feedback, echo, and angsty-ethos Incision and Aspirin encouraged comparisons to Jesus and Mary Chain among other distortion wielding merchants from across the big pond.  Both of the 1994 eps this entry concerns finds VB shedding pounds of much of that extraneous noise in favor of a decidedly streamlined tact.  I don't have the original releases in my possession to confirm this, but part of the "manicure," so to speak, could be due in part to a possible line up change.  Nonetheless, there was still muscular fortitude aplenty stockpiled in the Bead's arsenal, particularly evidenced by the aggressive title tracks of these respective disks.  The acoustic "In Disbelief" from the A Client ep mines a similar melodic vein to the Incision era, but otherwise the Venus Beads last gasps showed significant development. A big thanks to Duncan for supplying these files!

A Client ep
01. A Client
02. Friendly User
03. In Disbelief (acoustic)
04. Glorious Defeat

Shackled ep
01. Shackled
02.You Wish
03. Every Street Tells A Story