Pop Art ep (1984, Stonegarden) MP3/Flac

This ep is a long overdue follow-up to Pop Art's Long Walk to Nowhere which I shared this month ago in '11.  While I wouldn't say Pop Art necessarily trumps ...Nowhere in all respects, it's generally superior.  The outright immediacy of the bulk of these jangle-drenched tunes is the key, with hearty inspiration derived from the likes of Orange Juice and a then burgeoning REM.  The chimey lilt of "Cover Me" and "Creature Comforts" predate the goodness those Pennsylvania boys The Ocean Blue would have in store for our awaiting ears in the years to follow.  Yeah, they don't make 'em like this anymore.  Something tells me that Pop Art were lazily lumped into Tinseltown's 'Paisley Underground' movement, but there's no psych-aftertaste at play here.  Take a close look at the sleeve, and you'll discern that this particular copy belonged to a radio station, hence some of the intermittent crackle.   

01. Cover Me
02. I Want to Move
03. Beautiful Girl
04. Sweet & Sour
05. Creature Comforts
06. Thinking Twice