2008-2012: Happy Birthday To Me! MP3/Flac

I was going to start this post by writing "4 years old and still growing", but with over 90% of the download links dead (thank you MediaFire), this poor blog suddenly looks more like a terminally ill patient. But I'm not gonna pull the plug, not yet!

So another year has passed. Time to pause and reflect. Back in 2008 I started this blog in order to post the vinyl records and cassettes from my collection that I was in the process of digitizing. But over the years I've kinda strayed from that original goal and I started posting CD's, movies, etc. So in a way the suspension of my MediaFire account could be seen as a wake-up call, the universe telling me to go back to the origins of this blog. And since I don't want to incur the universe's wrath for disobeying, from this September onwards I will shift the focus of this blog back on vinyl records and cassettes.

Another minor change is the wantlist in the top right column of this blog (and also a slightly longer one on Discogs). I know that some of you who visit this blog have similar musical tastes, so why not pool ressources and share great music? Isn't that the philosophy of free file sharing after all?

Getting to know you.

I actually know quite a bit about you, more than you think and certainly more than you wish. To be more precise, statistics about this blog tell me where you come from, how you got here, what's your OS or browser, etc. So just browsing habits, no personal information, but enough to make you wonder how much privacy we still have left on the internet. Even more so if you surf using Google Chrome, set Google as your default search engine and have a Gmail address... I think in that case Google owns you!

But anyway, let's have a look, some of these stats are informative, while others are kinda funny. Click on the images for a larger view.

Unsurprisingly the vast majority of visitors of this blog are either from the US or the UK. Followed by Germany, France and Spain. That has been the general trend since I started checking these geolocation stats. The number of visitors from other countries like Japan, Greece and recently Argentina has been growing steadily.

Of course these stats are based on IP addresses and are skewed by people using VPN's. For example: IPredator (my VPN) = Sweden. But I believe this is still a minority of people and therefore it does not overly distort location stats except for the one I just mentioned.

Some of you come from remote places:

Others from unexpected locations:

Or from places with mysterious and unpronouncable names:

Or from a place that I visited not so long ago (from now on I plan my holidays on wether there's an Amoeba record store or not):

A handful of people are following this blog on their phone:

For almost 3/4 of you, Windows is the OS:

Six months ago Firefox was the most widely used browser, followed by Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and then Opera:

However, last month, Chrome had clearly overtaken IE:

Last February, some of you still had a MegaUpload toolbar installed:

Besides Google (98,66%!), can anyone still name another search engine?

Not only do I know which search engine you use, but I can also see what you typed to get here, including the amusing spelling mistakes and the bizarre web searches.

[128] Sorry dude, wrong blog. And I'm way past my teens anyway.

[87] MTV side effect.

[27] Death to the brutes? Agreed.

[66] "Tesco chainstore mascara. Big bowl of wrong." Undoubtedly poorly translated subtitles from a Hong Kong flick. But why does it lead to my blog?

[402] Like love or God, Google's algorythm works in mysterious ways...

[505] If you find out let me know.

[404] Forever I'm afraid :_(

[588] Buy the record.

Thank you for visiting this blog.