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Dippin' is one of Hank Mobley's finer moments, even considering that his
entire Blue Note catalog is masterful, particularly his 1960s dates
that reveal the depth and dimension of his understanding of harmonic
invention -- all in the name of groove and swing, of course. This date,
recorded on a single day in June of 1965, netted four Mobley originals
as well as two covers. The band included trumpeter Lee Morgan, pianist
Harold Mabern, bassist Larry Ridley, and drummer Billy Higgins. The
two-horn front line always served Mobley well. Here, with Morgan, the
groove commences from the first notes of the title cut that opens the
set. The short bluesy lines burst from the horns, and are turned inside
out with elegant yet knotty lines that move the tune almost into pop
territory but never venture far from the blues.

The sprightly "Recado
Bossa Nova," written by Djalma Ferreira, moves the band outside its
comfort zone rhythmically, but Mobley's horn chart is brilliant. Higgins
and Ridley keep the bossa groove natural and steaming as the soloists
begin taking the tune apart and putting it back together. There is one
ballad on the set, "I See Your Face Before Me" composed by Arthur
Schwartz and Howard Dietz. On it, Mobley does his best Ben Webster,
blowing low and smoky and sweet, but the truth is that it doesn't belong
on a program with so many hard bop swingers. The rest of the session is
a pure joy and a fine document of Mobley's abilities as a bandleader
and composer. The 2006 Rudy Van Gelder Edition on CD features
spectacular sound, but contains no bonus material.

The summer is coming guys.....is coming!!!! [/b]

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Hank Mobley - The Dip

Hank Mobley - Recado Bossa Nova

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