Bill Thomas And The Fendells - Southern Fried Chicken pt.1/ Southern Fried Chicken pt.2 1966 (Savoy) MP3/Flac

Label : Fryer (2012)

Value :

Given the frequency with which it has been referenced in the soul music
canon, the humble chicken - either fully feathered, dancing and
strutting, or celebrated for its fine eating - may reasonably be
considered the funkiest bird of all and if this is one of the more
obscure recordings from the 60s and early 70s to name-check poultry, it
is also has to be one of the most compelling.

Certainly one of the
funkiest 45s on the venerable Savoy label, this 1966 offering finds the
little known Bill Thomas and his excellent band paying tribute to what
sounds like a particularly tasty recipe. Featuring a booming, metronomic
beat, a simple, propulsive horn riff, a distinctly casual rhythm
guitar, flamboyant Hammond interjections, a tidy sax solo and a busy
30-second drum break (in part 2), Southern Fried Chicken has all the
ingredients to satisfy the most discerning dance floor.

Aright, aright,
aright, aright, aright, aright, aright...Everybody with me? Aright!

Taste :

Bill Thomas -  Southern Fried Chicken pt.1

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