Big Joe Maher & Jeff Sarli with Big Blues - Mojo MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 43:24
Size: 99.4 MB
Label: Mapleshade
Styles: R&B, Contemporary blues
Year: 1994
Art: Front

[4:56] 1. Got My Mojo Workin'
[4:25] 2. Who Will The Next Fool Be?
[3:04] 3. Heartbreaker
[3:17] 4. In The Dark
[5:53] 5. Vodka On The Rocks
[2:50] 6. Hard Livin' Alone
[2:53] 7. When Did You Leave Heaven?
[2:22] 8. Ponytail
[3:59] 9. Trouble In Mind
[4:07] 10. Wings 'n Things
[2:20] 11. I Dare You, Baby
[3:10] 12. Goodbye, Baby

Do you dig mellow '60s rhythm and blues grooves like Percy Mayfield or T-Bone? If so, Big Joe and his band will be right up your alley. Joe's a natural-born blues singer, as irresistibly laid back as Albert King. The band's got that Hammond organ groove down. The two saxes are raunchy and raw; the electric guitar moans and wails. Stereophile says "...such a cool disc...equal parts barrel-house jump-band and smooth swing...big, big sound." Highly recommended as one of the best-sounding blues/R&B discs ever, according to blues star Bob Margolin.

Joe Maher, vocals, drums; Jeff Sarli, upright bass; Rusty Bogart, electric guitar; Bob Willoughby, piano; Phil Stancil, B-3 organ, piano; Chris Watling, bari sax; Jerry Queene, tenor sax


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