Don Griffin - Standing Alone MP3/Flac

Size: 96,3 MB
Time: 40:50
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 1998
Styles: Blues Rock
Label: Vital Music
Art: Front

01. Lot To Do (2:39)
02. Nasty (3:40)
03. Standing Alone (3:37)
04. Love My Baby (5:49)
05. Won't Be Back (3:11)
06. Doing Wrong (2:55)
07. Cry No More (5:11)
08. How It Is (2:59)
09. Bad Today (3:27)
10. Get So Troubled (3:57)
11. Home Tonight (3:21)

Griffin's second release is an improvement over the first. Eleven smokin' originals and no covers. The CD combines the talents of blues bass player extrodinaire Johnny B. Gayden and the highly respected drummer Ray "Killer" Allison with Griffin's hard driving vocals and smooth fret work. The tempo on this CD is somewhat slower and more mature than on "Bad, Bad, Man" but that in no way translates to boring. Rather, the pace is a perfect backdrop which allows Griffin the opportunity to play his solo's without background clutter, and it works. "Nasty" and "Standing Alone" are good examples of this. As with the first CD, Griffin makes liberal use of the wah-wah and continues his Robin Trower style vocals. If you like your blues to rock hard and steady, you would enjoy this CD.

Standing Alone

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