King Alex & the Untouchables - The Cream of King Alex & the Untouchables MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 41:25
Size: 97.0 MB
Label: (Self released)
Styles: R&B, Contemporary blues
Year: 2007
Art: Front

[2:42] 1. Never Lose My Cool
[3:57] 2. Cherry Red
[4:17] 3. Huchia Cuthia Lovin' Man
[3:43] 4. Break It Up (Tough Enough)
[5:15] 5. Hot As A Coffeepot
[2:47] 6. Stone To The Bone
[4:24] 7. Sugar Bowl
[2:39] 8. Boss Of My Heart
[3:29] 9. Grandma's Sweet Potato Pie
[4:06] 10. Some Peoples Do, Some Peoples Don't
[4:00] 11. Grindin' Stone

King Alex Littlejohn is one of the greatest pure blues singers performing today. Born in 1934 he was raised in Faraday, Louisiana where he was childhood friends with Jerry Lee Lewis, Mickey Gilley and Jimmy Swaggert. As a teenager he moved to Kansas City where he lived in the 18th and Vine district. Inspired by that thriving music scene, he learned to play bass and sing the blues. He has played with a number of famous bluesmen including B.B. King.

King Alex has been recording his original songs since 1959. In 1996 he played the Blues Estafette in Utrecht, The Netherlands. There he signed with Black Magic Records and released the CD "Hot As A Coffeepot". King Alex returned to Europe for a three week tour in 2002.

After this tour King Alex decided to cut a greatest hits CD, "The Cream Of King Alex", covering over forty years of his song writing. Alex's rich vocals are complimented by his powerful band, The Untouchables, featuring Robert Locke on drums and vocals, Bart Colliver on organ and piano, Tony Shaffer on guitar, Dana Smith on tenor saxophone and Blue Shoe Sole Revue frontman Steve Shoemaker on trombone and harmonica.

The Cream of King Alex & the Untouchables

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