John Phelps - Blues Day Avenue MP3/Flac

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Time: 32:36
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2009
Styles: Electric Blues, Blues Rock
Label: John Phelps
Art: Front

01. John's Blues (3:47)
02. Slave To My Woman (3:56)
03. Blues Day Avenue (3:30)
04. Not Singin The Blues (3:46)
05. Till I Sleep (3:03)
06. Wishing Well (3:19)
07. 4 Sevens (2:57)
08. Union Strings (3:58)
09. Jackhammer Blues (4:16)

While this album has the requisite number of bluesy titles 'John's Blues", "Not Singin The Blues", "Jackhammer Blues", etc. and enough searing saxophone, harmonica and guitar solos to be labeled a blues album, singer-songwriter John Phelps drives his latest release, "Blues Day Avenue," to raucous rhythm and blues, and all points between. The combination of musicial styles and intense musicianship creates varied and likable music paved with strong vocals.
Phelps has a rich , rock 'n' roll voice with just a touch of sweetness that makes each tune very listenable. Hopefully you will find "Blues Day Avenue" a very nice cruise...

Blues Day Avenue

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