Randy J. Hansen - The Lucky Ones MP3/Flac

Size: 109,7 MB
Time: 47:13
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2012
Styles: Electric Blues, Americana, Rock
Label: Blue Room Records
Art: Front

01. Saturday In Chicago (3:19)
02. Love Song (3:39)
03. Network Premier (4:48)
04. Straight Into The Blues (4:29)
05. Valentines Day (5:57)
06. The Lucky Ones (4:32)
07. Edge Of The Earth (4:37)
08. Burnin' And Shakin' (4:05)
09. All About Angels (5:33)
10. I Was There (6:11)

This is a great collection of rock songs but it is really held together by 3 standout blues tunes. The album opener, “Saturday In Chicago” is a playful toe-tapper with great instrumentation from the cool riffing that bookends the number to the tasty piano and guitar solos in the middle. “Straight Into The Blues” is a BB King-type slow burn with sweet guitars, grooving bass and yearning vocals. It’s put together so well too, with the lyrics offering only cryptic imagery, while the inserted phone calls from a lover inform the listener as to what is really going on. The title track is a cautionary tale set to a traditional blues rhythm that builds into a glorious chorus. It also contains a really well-crafted middle guitar solo. Randy may have the blues, but we’re the lucky ones because of it. ~Review by scub-a-dub

The Lucky Ones

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