Dave Steffen Band - 2 albums: Find a Groove / Give Me A Thrill MP3/Flac

Album: Find a Groove
Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 51:16
Size: 118.6 MB
Label: (Self released)
Styles: Modern electric blues
Year: 2008
Art: Front

[5:32] 1. Rock River
[4:59] 2. Soul to Soul
[4:24] 3. Sweet Girl
[4:26] 4. Find a Groove
[6:09] 5. Lazy Day Sunday Morning
[4:21] 6. Wisconsin Blues
[6:15] 7. Lost Soul
[5:44] 8. Dawn
[4:43] 9. Surf Song
[4:40] 10. Seaside Lady

The Dave Steffen Band has been through many changes throughout the years and as always DSB has put out an excellent CD. “Find a Groove” has many great songs that after hearing them you’ll be singing them over and over.

Dave is a seasoned musician who will tell you that he has played with and opened for many great musicians, i.e., Robin Trower, Davey Pattison, Ronnie Montrose, and members of Journey to name a few; throughout his career. And his fans will say that Dave is the great musician. The Dave Steffen Band appeals to all ages and musical tastes.

While working on this project he had a drummer transition and he incorporated the best of both great musical talents of Brian Augustine and Spencer Ponish on this collaboration. And as always his bass player, Craig Neuser, is an important part of the backbone of this band today.

The vocals on this CD are so true to Dave’s sound; it’s like he is right there in the room with you. Mark Golde of Rock Garden Studios in Appleton, Wisconsin has done a great job on engineering and was able to capture Dave’s sound and what Dave “heard in his head”. On this CD Dave chose to do his own background vocals with superb results as he knows what he wants his musical creations to sound like. Dave usually uses his faithful lady, his late 60’s Fender Stratocaster but on this project stepped out of his comfort zone and also used a 72 Les Paul and his old Gibson acoustic on some of the songs creating a sweet balance.

“Find A Groove” CD opens with soaring electric guitars followed by heavy rock shuffles, onto songs filled with melody, soul and lyrics ranging from romantic to philosophical. You’ll hear Dave’s signature soulful slide guitar and rockin’ old blues Gibson acoustic topped with harmonica and some ocean sounds. Just take a listen and Find your Groove.

Find a Groove

Album: Give Me A Thrill
Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 55:39
Size: 129.9 MB
Label: (Self releaased)
Styles: Modern electric blues
Year: 2007
Art: Front

[3:15] 1. Hot Mover
[3:32] 2. Gotta Love for You Baby
[2:56] 3. Give Me a Thrill
[5:35] 4. Rainy Blues
[3:21] 5. Mood for You
[3:57] 6. Whiskey Train
[6:02] 7. Tell Me
[2:31] 8. Boogie Fever
[4:08] 9. Satisfied
[3:12] 10. Do What You Gotta Do
[4:42] 11. Love Light The Fire
[2:37] 12. Froggie Went A Courtin'
[3:21] 13. The Booze Has A Bigger Bite
[3:28] 14. Ramblin'
[2:56] 15. All Night Long

This CD was recorded in San Francisco at the Hyde Street studio in the spring of 92 when the band was based in California. It has heavier blues and rock songs with wailing guitar riffs.“Give Me A Thrill” features the incredible Bill Lordan on drums. Bill has played with many greats in the past including Jimmy Hendrix and Sly and the Family Stone. He recorded several albums with Robin Trower.

Davey Pattison, with his soulful voice, makes a guest appearance on “Whisky Train”. Davey was the lead singer from Trower since 87 and they have just got done with a tour of Europe and the US in 2006. Robin Trower, along with Davey Pattison, is again on tour in the United States and soon Europe. Robin Trower himself approved of Dave’s version of his song “Whisky Train” and gave Dave permission to release it on this CD. Davey was also the lead singer of Gamma.

While Dave was on stage at New George’s in California performing “Rainy Blues” Carlos Santana came out from backstage to watch.

Give Me A Thrill

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