Steve Potter - 2 albums: Grotto\'s Boogie Kings: Jump Back Baby / Grotto Says! MP3/Flac

Album: Grotto's Boogie Kings: Jump Back Baby
Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 25:39
Size: 59.9 MB
Label: (Self released)
Styles: Contemporary harmonica blues
Year: 2008
Art: Front

[0:44] 1. Lone Harp I
[2:50] 2. Jump Back Baby
[4:32] 3. You Know It's True
[2:56] 4. Blue Midnight
[2:51] 5. Everythings Gonna Be Alright
[2:18] 6. Scott's Boogie
[3:48] 7. Letter From Home
[4:49] 8. Long Time
[0:46] 9. Lone Harp II

Steve Potter's Grotto's BoogieKings was a hot blues band that performed in the 1990's. This album was recorded in 1997 and 1998 and was released for a short time. It is now being re-released.

Grotto's Boogie Kings: Jump Back Baby

Album: Grotto Says!
Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 38:30
Size: 89.3 MB
Label: Grotto Music
Styles: Modern electric blues
Year: 2002
Art: Front

[3:03] 1. My Special Place
[3:38] 2. Born Blind
[2:38] 3. Hang On Now
[5:52] 4. Your Sweet Love
[2:54] 5. I Just Keep Lovin' Her
[3:22] 6. What Have I Done
[3:14] 7. Key To The Highway
[3:04] 8. Grotto Says!
[3:33] 9. Don't Break My Heart
[4:55] 10. G.S. Blues
[2:13] 11. When The Saints

This is by far the very best blues harmonica cd that I have gotten this year, yes I know, I just finished a review of the new James Cotton CD too! James is the ol' BluzHarp Master while Steve Potter is a new age BluzMan that is doing a damned fine job of carrying on the torch. I had never heard of Steve Potter until he sent me this CD and I am simply amazed and excited as hell to finally get some stuff, (Pure no bullshit/kickass blues harmonica music), that is not a cookie cutter band, Steve is his own man. I am so excited about Steve's playing because I have never heard anyone with his particular sound and way of phrasing. I am not saying he is the best I have ever heard, but he is smoking, it is the fact someone is sounding like themselves. I talked to him for a few minutes just before doing this review and he says that he plays through two amps at once on the CD,a Sears Silvertone 1481 model with an 8 inch speaker and a Gibson GA-20 with a 12 inch speaker. He plays through a Astatic JT-30 with an element from an old 1940s Green Bullet, and it is nasty! Steve plays both diatonic and chromatic equally well and with authority, his octaves are so full, especially on the chro like Rod Piazza. I give this Cd a strong (7) Harp Salute along with my most coveted "NASTY HARP" Award, some of his tunes are dripping with pure pork fat they are so greasy. I am pretty darn sure this will be in my "Top Ten Best of The Year" come this December. I put my personal seal of approval on this CD, Muddy and John Lee are smiling down on Steve Potter! ~Steve "Big Daddy Bluzharp" Harvell

Grotto Says!

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