Lisa Mann - Chop Water MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 45:41
Size: 106.7 MB
Label: (Self released)
Styles: Contemporary female blues vocals
Year: 2008
Art: Front

[4:38] 1. Little Sister (You Ain't Suffered)
[3:22] 2. Felino
[3:43] 3. Someday
[4:17] 4. Tryin' (Sanzen Song)
[3:40] 5. Wake Me
[4:20] 6. Dance A Little Closer
[3:13] 7. Helping Hand
[0:09] 8. Gary Alan?
[3:09] 9. Silver Cup
[4:12] 10. Koan Song
[0:21] 11. Intermission
[4:52] 12. This Bitch
[3:19] 13. At Last
[2:19] 14. Broken Record

So many styles of music are represented in Lisa Mann's new CD that it's hard to categorize, but good old American blues weaves it's way through the entire work of art. "Chop Water" is replete with phenomenal musical performances that will satisfy the most discriminating ear. Lisa Mann's Really Good Band, featuring members of the Blues Music Award-nominated Insomniacs, laid down so many hot tracks that you will return to listen to them again and again. Lisa Mann is a Portland, OR area singer/songwriter and bass player. She has received the Cascade Blues Association's Bass Player of the Year award, and took second place in the national music video competition, "Famecast" in Austin, TX. Lisa's lyrics are inspired by hard living, good loving, and spiritual transformation of the Zen variety. We invite you to listen to the "Zen Blues" of this true original.

Chop Water

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