Panic In The Year Zero - Liberty Caps 7\" (1981, Vada) MP3/Flac

Mysterious early 80's UK DIY 7" that is an Ellie Jay Records pressing based on the catalog number. At the time of me posting this on Google, the only results for this record is an old mail order catalog that has it listed (I tried ordering it some years ago off them and they no longer had it in stock... but you can give them another try incase they were lying) and an old ebay listing from someone's feedback. Don't this one ever came with a picture sleeve, but who knows... I've only seen it for sale twice over the years.

Hard to pin-point an exact genre to classify this one under since it could appeal to fans of UK DIY, postpunk, new wave, minimal, and early goth crossover... perhaps an indie version of 13th Chime (especially on "Liberty Caps")???

Recorded in Aber Recording Studio, Flint. Engineered by Dave Roberts, but highly doubt if its the same guy from Sex Gang Children fame.

Preview samples:

Panic In The Year Zero - Liberty Caps 7" (1981, Vada)

01. Liberty Caps
02. Sometimes I Don't Know

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