Naked Spots Dance - Falling LP (1983, NSD Records) MP3/Flac

Third and final vinyl release from New Zealand's Naked Spots Dance. On this release, Fran Walsh is included in the band who later went on to marry famous director Peter Jackson and contributed screen writing to many of the movies he directed such as the Lord of The Rings trilogy... to even Dead Alive and Meet The Feebles! A few of the dreamier songs remind me a bit of bands like Shiny Two Shiny... though overall Naked Spots Dance certainly had a lot more artsy post-punk influence and generally faster-paced reminding me of some tracks by the Australian band Pel Mel too (off the top-of-my-head)...
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Naked Spots Dance - Falling LP (1983, NSD Records)

01. The Dance
02. Jack & Box
03. The Cabaret
04. Hawaii
05. About But Not Our
06. Falling
07. Underwater Data
08. Through The Nights
09. Blank
10. That's All
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