Sis Q Lint - Pre-Need E.P. (1984) MP3/Flac

Wonderfully entertaining absurdist tomfoolery from Los Angeles. Similar in spirit to the likes of Inflatable Boy Clams or 2.3 Children. The detached deadpan femme vocals are coupled with silly satirical lyrical insights about out of control poodles, the stresses of finding a proper mortician for oneself, and the cheesiness of low budget romantic pretendings. The music is quite entertaining as well. Synths, sound effects, sound clips, and percussions. All artasticly mastered at Gold Star studios. I defy anyone to listen to Dog Sweaters without cracking a big grin. There's a good review from San Francisco's Unsound zine to read here. They also put a single Wally! Wally! / The Very Last Record from Gold Star. That I'm dying to hear, anyone?