New Race - The First To Pay (1990) MP3/Flac

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01 Smith And Wesson Blues
02 Haunted Road
03 Living World
04 I'm Loose
05 T.V. Eye
06 Love Kills
07 November 22, 1963
08 455 S.D.
09 Alone In The End Zone
10 Looking At You
11 New Race
12 Columbia

The First To Pay appeared in 1989 as the first of a two album sequential set of French New Race releases. Revenge Records, mining a mother lode of Stooges/Sonics Rendezvous material by making the rounds of musicians in Detroit and Ann Arbor, came upon a set of cassettes which had been dubbed from unmixed 24 track master tapes, recorded during the New Race Australian tour in 1981...


Preview: New Race - Alone In The End Zone: