El Bahattee - Svaki Pas Ima Svoj Dan (2001) MP3/Flac

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01 Jedna Ljubav
02 Noć Pečenih Volova '91
03 981 (feat. Tram 11)
04 Opasno Frustriran
05 Osjeti Bol (feat. Target)
06 Brutalna Braća (feat. Nered)
07 Svaki Pas Ima Svoj Dan
08 Bratstvo I Jedinstvo (feat. Alejuandro Buendija)
09 Bitno Je... (feat. Stupni)
10 Ako Umrem Mlad
11 Neka Živim Kako Živim

This is the debut album by legendary Croatian repper from Zagreb, El Bahattee, presented his concious rap style and a tough criticism towards the croatian government, society and mentality. In 2003 El Bahattee withdrew from the music industry and began his career as a web-designer...


Preview: El Bahattee - Ako Umrem Mlad: