7 Seconds - Scream Real Loud ...Live! (2000) MP3/Flac

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01 Sooner Or Later
02 Not Just Boys Fun
03 This Is The Angry
04 F.O.F.O.D.
05 Message From A Friend
06 Ghost
07 Here's Your Warning
08 Definite Choice
09 Slow Down A Second
10 One Big Guessing Game
11 Committed For Life
12 If The Kids Are United
13 You Lose
14 Young 'Til I Die
15 Here We Go Again Kids
16 Satyagraha
17 The Crew
18 Remains To Be Seen
19 Regress No Way
20 Red & Black
21 Diehard
22 99 Red Balloons
23 In Your Face
24 Trust
25 Never Try
26 Walk Together, Rock Together

Although it has occasionally dropped out of sight for a time, 7 Seconds is arguably the longest-lived band in hardcore history, and the 2000 live album Scream Real Loud is testament to why the group has survived. As powerful as a live album from bands with one-tenth the history of 7 Seconds, Scream Real Loud is as good as '80s-style California hardcore gets in the new millennium...


Preview: 7 Seconds - Red & Black: