Garnett Silk - Love Is The Answer MP3/Flac

VP LP, 1994

A1) Love Is The Answer
A2) Cherry Promised
A3) Fight Back [with Richie Stephens]
A4) Put On The Pressure
A5) Get Up Shock Out
B1) Used To Be My Girl
B2) A Man In Love
B3) Friend & Lover
B4) All The Woman I Need
B5) Skylarking

Arranger: Cleveland "Clevie" Browne & Wycliffe "Steely" Johnson
Vocal: Garnett Silk
Backing vocal: Sharon Forrester & Clevie
Drum & Drum programming: Clevie
Keyboard: Danny Browne & Steely
Synthesizer: Steely

Produced by: E.J. Robinson, Steely & Clevie
Engineers: Steely, Clevie, Gary Sutherland, Fatta Marshall, Bulbie York, David Cola & Michael Williamson
Recorded at: Studio 2000, Mixing Lab & Main Street