The Wailing Souls - Tension MP3/Flac

Jet Star CD, 1997

 1) Mr. Fire Coal Man
 2) Holding On To Your Embrace
 3) Tension
 4) Row Fisherman Row
 5) Holiday Inn
 6) Back Out Wid It
 7) Fukuoka
 8) Son Of A Gun
 9) Lady You Don't Know
10) Jailer Man
11) Gangster
12) Hush Hush
13) Tension (Acoustic Mix)

Backed by:
Noel Browne, Freddie Mcgregor, Dalton Browne, Nambo, Braco & Howard Messam
Backing Vocals:
Shema, Zoe, Dalton Browne, Freddie Mcgregor & Noel Browne
Produced by:
Freddie Mcgregor, Noel Browne, Dalton Browne & Wailing Souls
Engineered by:
David Cole, Gary Sutherland, Germain Ford & Noel Browne
Recorded & Mixed at: Big Ship