The Wailing Souls - Kingston 14 Denham Town MP3/Flac

Live & Learn CD, 1990

Record date: 1987

1) Kingston Fourteen
2) Dem Coming
3) Front Door
4) Ring My Bell
5) Don't Run
6) Full Moon
7) Yet The World Waits
8) Pity The Poor
9) Real Rock

Bass: Robbie, Flabba & Lloyd Parks
Drums: Sly, Style & Lowell Bailey
Lead Guitar: Dalton Brownie & Keith Powell
Rhythm Guitar: Dwight Pinkney, Bingy & Winston Bowen
Keyboards: Robbie Lyn & Steely
Sax: Glen Dacosta & Nambo
Trumpet: Glen Dacosta & Nambo
Percussion: Errol Graham & Sticky
Synthesizer: Mallory Williams

Produced by: Delroy Wright
Engineered by: Noel Hearne, Conrad Malcom & Mikey Riley
Recorded at: Music Mountain & Dynamic
Mixed by: Noel Hearne & Conrad Malcom
Mixed at: Music Mountain