A jazz vibraphonist whose renown during his lifetime was limited mostly to Austria (you'll find him gracing a few ECM sides in the 80's), Pirchner was responsible for unleashing something altogether less fettered by formal constraints and infinitely more fucked in the head way back in '73 with this lost masterpiece. Comprising some 48 pieces (including 17 extra ones tacked onto this mid-90's CD reissue), Ein Halbes Doppelalbum is an almost parallel universe Faust Tapes, pitifully forgotten by most of humanity but packed wall to wall with eye-widening moments of penetrating spin-on-a-dime strangeness. At turns, you'll discover everything from the feral Polit-Rock freakishness of Checkpoint Charlie, the cosmic rock dadaism of Eroc's Zwei, the lopsided mincing of 70's French R.I.O. ala Albert Marcoeur and Etron Fou Leloublan and the hard edits between intricate musicality and naked absurdity of Lumpy Gravy within the feral freakishness on exhibit here. No doubt, an inability to Sprechen Sie Deutsch will limit your grasp of events as they unfold, but with so much unhinged shit being flung about willy-nilly, you'll hardly have time to register your concern, as sublime acid folk evocations graced with ghosted recitations are suddenly rent into glistening shards of Nurse With Wound-worthy dadaist electroacoustic debris by brutal edits and even more brutal filtering. Elsewhere, you'll find cod-opera cross cut by ringing doorbells, duets for burping and xylophones, gnomic muttering over airy acoustic guitar jams and multiple applications of throat mucus from gasping old geezers. 
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