African Retro, vol. 3, \"Pont sur le Congo\",Pathé Marconi / EMI 2C 064 15954, 1977 MP3/Flac

The lp we are playing today is from 1977 and on Pathé Marconi / EMI.

Even after capturing it on cd against way above normal recording

levels, we have quite low dynamics. And if that's not bad enough,

the lp sounds crackly from beginning to end. Now if we forget all

that, it's still worth a few spins..maybe the cracks cause some

exciting nostalgic side effects...


 1   Orchestre Cercul Jazz - Pont sur le congo

 -   Orchestre Bantous de la Capitale -

 2   Bolingo mado

 3   Mokolo okobala

 4   Mokili

 5   Yaka dia ma ma

 6   Horty

 7   Meme

 8   Qui es-tu un ange ou un demon

 9   C'est l'amour

10  Congo na biso