Orchestre Lisa Bobo & Benson Lawrence,Sonafric 50090, 1977 MP3/Flac

It has been six days, quite a hiatus on my part. I am

going through a difficult time, sick staffmembers, work,

work, work and worst of all, last monday I had to take

my very best friend and partner to the doctor to send

him over to the eternal huntinggrounds. Sjakie was

13 years and 4 months old. Happy hunting Sjakie.

It is so strange after such a long time, coming

home in an empty house. No need to go out

in the mornings, afternoons and evenings.

I miss him very very much ! ...sigh...

About the lp I am posting for you today,

I tried to find some info on the artists but

didn't find anything useful. Just play it and

tell me what you think. If you are the one to

give us the desired info, please don't deny.


1   Omona wapi

2   Tata na sambwe

3   Mama ali ngi nasala

4   Ya yo sepela

5   Bitumba eyali mabe

6   Ba m'poko