Kakaiku\'s Band - Adadam Paa Nie, vol.2Ambassador MP3/Flac

Moses Kwaku Oppong, the leader of Kakaiku's Guitar Band,

was born in 1916 in Acra. He quitt elementary school aged

fourteen just to be able to play his guitar. The Nigerian tenant

that worked at his parent's house used to shout at him; 'Kai ku'

meaning; 'look here' or 'hi Kwaku', this became his nickname.

He worked as blacksmith, winch greaser and driver of engines

at Aboso Gold Mines and played his guitar at parties, wake-

keepings and funerals. He named his band after his childhood

nickname and made over 500 records, an enormous amount.

Listen to this 'Adadam Paa Nie, vol. 2, with it's funny cover.

( ...if anyone could explain this sleeve illustration..? )

P.S. soundquality is a bit poor, unfortunately...

volume one is here


 1   Ose ye marima mra

 2   Aboa apatupre

 3   Wo kyiri me

 4   Abrabo ye bona

 5   If you love me

 6   You too go grow

 7   Wonfa bone ntua ka

 8   Saboa

 9   M'sem yi

10  Ayeko na adofo

11  Dora

12  Eno m'ani awu