David Tochino Biniakounou - Self Titled,Safari Ambiance MP3/Flac

David Tochino Biniakounou started his career very young

in l'Orchestre Super Tembessa. We had one of their albums

some time ago. After that he made a round performing with

African Negro, Cercul Jazz, Mack, Kimba, Negro Band,

ATC-Music and l'Ensemble Musical de 8 février. He was

an allround artist, playing guitar and drums, being a

vocalist, writer, composer and arranger,

get it now and spread it somehow !


Master Mwana Congo - Solo guitar

Rigo Star - Rhythm guitar

Gérard Kimbolo - 2nd Rhythm guitar

Kinzonzi du Soleil - Bass

David Tochino - Lead vocals

André Pamomiel - 2nd Vocal

Clotaire Douley - 3rd Vocal

Kanda Bongo - 4th Vocal

Domingo Sassero - Drums

N'kouri Prosper - Tumba percussion

Ernesto Tito Puentes - Trompet

Clémente Lozano - Trompet, flute

G. Fellove - Saxophone


1   Ayle

2   Calvaire

3   La prisienne

4   Okalette

5   Boni elaka