Dara Rolins - What You See Is What You Get (1996) MP3/Flac

Still not much time to do proper posts, but I ran across this album today and it seemed like a no-brainer to post, since Dara is a huge star in Slovakia and her Wikipedia entry tells you all you need to know about her.  In short, she started as a teen-pop singer in the early 1980s, recording in her native tongue and under the name Darinka Rolincov√°.  This, her fourth album and first in 8 years, was her reinvention as an adult pop diva and her one and only album in English, for which she also anglicized her name.  It was an attempt to reach a broader audience and it failed, though her career was rejuvenated in her native land.  I ran across it because I was looking for the song "Our Lovin'" by Kylie Minogue, a song Kylie wrote and only did a demo of in the mid 90s during her own reinvention.  Dara released it and the title track as singles.  The title track is an uptempo house song, while the rest of the album is R&B laced dance-pop.  It also includes the original version of the Billie Piper hit "She Wants You", two years before that song became a hit for Billie.  To get a taste of what Dara is up to now musically, check out her latest video, "Doctor Love". ;)  Hope this will tide you over until I get a chance to post more.  Until then, you should also check out the amazing Obscuria 2.0 blog, which has just been rejuvenated and is featuring more rare pop gems every day. :)

Video for What You See Is What You Get

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1 I See You There
2 Our Lovin'
3 Someone Cares About You
4 Stay For A While
5 Turn Around
6 You're The Only One
7 Know You Better
8 She Wants You
9 What You See Is What You Get
10 Once Again
11 Do It Now
12 Look And Do