It's with some real delight that we bring you advance word and sounds from the second release on our Puer Gravy imprint and the first album of new material by maverick electronic explorer and former Storm Bugs/Snatch Tapes operative Philip Sanderson since his 2005's Seal Pool Sounds CD. The subtly unnerving and the psychologically suggestive are kissing cousins in these constructs, their preternaturally heightened atmospheres generated from an arsenal of analog synths, delay units and sequencers, and teased into formulations as sly as they are elegant, with Hollow Gravity evincing echoes of both sci-fi soundtrackers like ‪Gil Mellé‬ and Louis & Bebe Barron and the mischievous audio contraptions of LAFMS's Solid Eye. Due for official release on July 2nd, 2012, this is a strictly limited edition of 100 copies and is pressed on 180-gram, laser etched vinyl. You can download all of Side A Here and you can pre-order your copy now at our Puer Gravy site.

A fantastic adjunct to the material on this LP can be heard via exclusive work that Sanderson's recorded earlier this month for Daniel Blumin's WFMU show here

Note: there was an earlier version of this post that went up last night and which contained an error with the download of Side A, so those 80 or so of you who grabbed this during the hour it was up before realizing our error also unexpectedly received a half-finished Vas Deferens Organization piece called Petite Petanque Petard that was intended as source material for the French band Audace to manipulate for our forthcoming split LP with them and Ben Presto and which somehow mysteriously migrated into this folder. This has now been fixed.