Foreign Bodies ep (1985, Hyena) MP3/Flac

By the looks of things, Foreign Bodies were denizens of one of my favorite '80s hotbeds, North Carolina, perhaps Durham in their case.  There's more than a modicum of the "new south" sound permeating the bulk of these grooves, but amazingly F/B had no involvement from Mitch Easter and Don Dixon, at least not on this record.  The Bodies roster consisted of three men and one woman.  Guess who carried most of the vocal heft?  Going by the assumed name of Sonar Strange, the world may never know her true identity, but her pipes color this affair in much the same way Salem 66 and Throwing Muses were all the better for having the fairer sex occupy the mic.  Guitar-wise, you'd think that Peter Buck had his fingerprints all over this disk, save maybe for the concluding rave-up, "Ride Sally Ride."  Impressive.  Yet again I present another record sleeve marred by ID designations of a left-of-the-dial radio outlet.

01. Evil Live
02. Symphony of Desire
03. Carry a Big Guitar
04. Pink Bathrobe and Blue Slippers
05. Don't Go
06. Ride Sally Ride