Foundation - Voyage ep (1986) MP3/Flac

Once again, a compelling record sleeve had me running for my credit card.  The subjects in question this time called Reston, VA home, and happened to share the same record label (Fartblossom Enterprizes) with Dave Grohl's pre-Scream hardcore troupe Dain Bramage.  Now that's what I call trivial, but I digress.  On the back of the record sleeve, Foundation unabashedly tout themselves as "emo-core."  True...but not so true.  Keep in mind "emo" was technically a year old at the time this disk was minted.  D.C.'s Rites of Spring have long been crowned as the progenitors of this tricky genre, and Foundation were in class and taking notes.  Voyage's glorious and cathartic title track deliberately plunders the Rites' template, to gratifying effect.  Elsewhere on this platter, "Different Inside," and "Time Has Come" split the difference between Dag Nasty-tinged hardcore and the innovations that came to the fore via the capitol city's fabled "Revolution Summer" of 1985.  "We've Strayed" and "Halfway to 50" adhere to a more traditional punk bent, though I'm not sure what's to explain for the classical guitar intro, "Winter Vision."  Overall, not too bad for a debut.  Trouser Press had this to opine about Voyage:

Recorded as a quartet, the 23-minute Voyage mini-album includes "Winter Vision," an instrumental that treads dangerously close to a '70s wizards and warlocks sound, as well as some above-average rockers ("Halfway to 50," "It's Not as Bad") and the title track, a mixture of pop-punk and new wave cheesiness that is somewhat reminiscent of a certain Psychedelic Furs song. Foundation's bassist, lead guitarist and drummer each share lead vocal duties, sacrificing continuity but adding variety to a set of songs that might otherwise go stale.

01. Winter Vision
02. Halfway to 50
03. Different Inside
04. We've Strayed
05. Time Has Come
06. Thicker Than Water
07. It's Not as Bad
08. Voyage