The Motives - The Motives Featuring Matt Taylor MP3/Flac

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Time: 59:56
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Released: 2012
Styles: Blues Rock, R&B
Label: Bluesy Eclectic Recordings
Art: Full

01. Never Tell A Lie (4:28)
02. Cookie Jar (3:33)
03. Leap Of Faith (5:52)
04. Find Another Love (6:02)
05. The Rules Don't Apply (4:08)
06. Looking For The Way Home (4:53)
07. Gone Before (7:14)
08. Gangsters (4:00)
09. If You Were Gone (4:21)
10. After All This Borrowed Time (5:46)
11. Nature's Cruel Design (4:29)
12. Baby Don't Lose That Number (5:05)

June 2012 sees the European release of the long-awaited debut album from the Motives, featuring one of the UK’s finest contemporary blues guitarists Matt Taylor alongside the cream of the crop of british musicians; Andy Graham, voted bass player of the year 2010 & 2011 in the british blues awards; Jonny Dyke, a stalwart of both the UK blues and session scenes; Roy Martin whose drumming has been heard on countless albums and stages the world over.

Coming together as The Motives they deliver their eponymous debut album of inspired original Rhythm & Blues, a potent cocktail of American and British influences, from 40’s New York, 50’s Chicago and 70’s LA, delivered with the kind of attitude last seen in the blues players of 60’s London. Many parallels can be drawn between The Motives sound and that of their 60’s predecessors, such as a love of the blues without being chained to its conventions and fiery, passionate musicianship coupled with a songwriting sensibility that at once pays homage to the roots of the music and steers it in new, often unexpected directions. The Motives sound unlike any other band on the current international blues scene.

Songwriting duties are mostly handled by Matt, two tracks in collaboration with Mark Butcher (former cricket star turned blues & soul singer/guitarist) with one of two non-Taylor compositions written by and in tribute to Matt and Jonny’s old friend, the much missed Kevin Thorpe. Another track ‘Gangsters’ was written by ‘Baker Street’ saxophone star Raf Ravenscroft, whose own band Matt played in some twenty years ago and from which Matt remembered the song. The icing on the cake comes in the form of an inspired guest appearance from british blues supremo Ian Siegal on the track ‘The Rules Don’t Apply’ in which Ian voices the devil himself.

In Matt’s own words, “the songs on this album represent my favourite aspects of rhythm’n’blues. On tracks like ‘Never Tell a Lie’ and ‘Find Another Love’ there’s a good mix of Chicago blues and big band swing influences with a Chicago/Texas mix on ‘Leap of Faith’. ‘The Rules Don’t Apply’ takes it’s lead from Benny Goodman’s Orchestra, with it’s Gene Krupa-esque drumming and unison guitar and organ lines mimicking the rasp of a horn section. Also much apparent is the sound and feel of 60’s London with beat and bluesrock prevalent in the tracks ‘Cookie Jar’, ‘If You Were Gone’ and ‘Nature’s Cruel Design’. However, as urban sounding as we have generally been on this album you can’t help but let a little rural flavour seep in with a strong Little Feat country-funk influence on ‘Looking for the Way Home’ and even a hint of gospel in ‘After All This Borrowed Time’”.

The Motives Featuring Matt Taylor

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