Dukes County Love Affair - How Do They Shine MP3/Flac

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Time: 30:04
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Released: 2011
Styles: Blues Rock
Label: Dukes County Love Affair
Art: Front

01. Abel's Hill (2:26)
02. Outside Your Mind (2:43)
03. These Days (3:59)
04. Grandma's Time Machine (3:05)
05. Asteroid Killer (2:25)
06. How Do They Shine (3:02)
07. Capture The Cove (3:47)
08. Sorry In The End (4:02)
09. Darcy (4:31)

Mike Parker - Vocals and Harmonica
John Ripley - Guitar
Phil DaRosa - Bass
Jamie Greene - Drums

Dukes County Love Affair, or “DCLA” have been tearing up the New England music scene with their livewire performances for over three years. Hailing from Martha’s Vineyard, they grew up on an island that is wrought by the duality of adrenaline fueled, celebrity laced, work-all-day-party-all-night summers, and cold, dark, storm-ridden, seemingly isolated winters. But DCLA is surely a band that has found success on the “mainland” and even abroad. Within a few short years, they have played along-side musicians such as Ben Taylor, The McLovins, Kodacrome and, Badfish. Early on, they were discovered by the infamous music venue Nectars, known for establishing the band Phish, most recently Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, among many others. They quickly recognized their talent and decided to take them under their wing. After multiple residencies, and a string of concerts between Boston, and Buenos Aires, DCLA has cultivated a diverse sound blending an eclectic form of Rock, Blues, Latin Folk, Hip Hop and a Gypsy footed rhythm that is sure to induce movement.
Born in a moment of serendipity when three high school friends ran into each other during a boat ride back home, the music began as a way to cure the boredom that can set in on the long harsh winters of the Vineyard. Vocalist Mike Parker, Guitarist John Ripley, and Drummer Jaime Greene, began playing in a shack in the woods, eventually moving to a space above a piano shop. Their friend Jesse Sylvia, a poker player turned venture capitalist put up the loot for their first self-released LP entiled: "How Do They Shine." Adding Phil DaRosa on Bass, their music drifted over the fields and through the woods and eventually all over New England...
Mike Parker was exposed to to the world of performance and entertainment early on. Born in the Florida Keys to a family that at one point even ran an actual traveling circus, Mike’s lyrics contain the wisdom of a worldly man, someone who has seen life first hand and is not afraid to share his take on it. Combining diverse backgrounds, united by a common love for the place that they live, DCLA at its core is a group of friends just having fun creating music.

How Do They Shine

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