Voodoo Child - Gospel Of The Blues MP3/Flac

Size: 155,6 MB
Time: 67:29
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2000/2012
Styles: Modern Electric Blues, Blues Rock/Funk/Jazz/Soul
Label: CNS Records/Starfish Music
Art: Full

01. Brighter Days (3:45)
02. Central Avenue (3:47)
03. Gospel Of The Blues (6:17)
04. Leave Me Alone (5:07)
05. Life (6:25)
06. Eat At Me (4:24)
07. Poodle Skirt Dessert (3:45)
08. Nothing But A Party At The Wee (4:41)
09. I'm A Woman (3:45)
10. The Condition (5:01)
11. Let's Get Wet (4:40)
12. Casual Man (4:41)
13. Here We Go (5:11)
14. Key To The Highway (3:14)
15. The Music Is Over (2:39)

Voodoo Child:
Janine Smith - vocals
Klaus Möckelmann - Hammond B3, keyboards
André Kubillus - guitar
Christian Gorecki - bass
Mark Wetjen - drums

Special Guests:
Jo Quandt - voc & harmonica
Sema Mutlu - vocals
Bernd Schlott - alto sax

Voodoo Child is one of the hottest bands! Fueled by fiery, fierce energy to the quartet cooks a spicy soup of soul, funk and blues, the bubbling mixture seasoned with sharp pinches of jazz, hip hop and rock and garnished with a hellish concoction finally with pure groove. The result tastes magical! Here combine four talented cooks her musical energies. Welcome to the magical world of Voodoo Child!

Gospel Of The Blues

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